I can guarantee you this, this may be my most random blog post ever. Random never stopped me before and the mere fact that this topic has been entertaining me for months, I just have to share.

This random post is about my house plant. Singular. When I first moved to California I lived in Huntington Beach & I used to go to the Westminster Swap meet on the weekends to buy fruits, vegetables, incense, you know, the shit you buy at swap meets. One day I bought a plant. Not just any plant. A five dollar plant that I had a conversation with in the car on the drive back to my place. If any of you remember the 80’s, my recollection is watching Three’s Company and having them always talked to their plants. So, when it was just me & my plant in the car, I decided that was our time to talk.

This wasn’t just any talk. This was a “I know where my life is about to be going, I know I won’t be home often, but I know that I can keep you alive.” My only goal for me and my new plant, to keep it alive. That commitment I stuck to, but it wasn’t always pretty. That plant moved cross country with me, back and forth and I am sure of plants get 9 lives, it is on life 19.

Over the past couple of months as I have been out signing autographs this photo set keeps appearing. It must be a fan favorite, but for me, it reaches it’s low point when I see my plant in the background looking so sad. So just hanging on for dear life, but alive. So let me show you “said” photo and see of you see that scraggly looking almost alive plant back there!

FullSizeRender 61.jpg

If that is not enough- here is one more, again, look past me & look at the real subject, my very sad looking house plant! LOL


Are you bored with this yet….??? Wait for it…… OK…. YES, I still have that plant and the reason I labeled this post #Consistency is because that is the clear indicator in the success  I have been having since I am more consistent with my life & the the care of my plant!

FullSizeRender 62AMAZING RIGHT!!???? So when I started showing the new plant photos to people when I was signing that other photo for them I realized this was too random not to share. I can’t believe this is the same five dollar plant that I had that talk with in my car in like 1994. I have been weaving my plant up this trellis I bought on amazon. It looks so amazing and it makes me happy every time I talk to my plant. All she needed was some consistency, I am just glad she was able to hold on during those rough times! #consistency