The Lisa Ann Experience…

Well, I have been working on a project & today is the day I get to finally share my secret! I come to you now, in the form of a pod cast that you can find on iTunes . A pod cast not sports related with a range of topics sure to entertain. My first episode is a solo, just me, talking to you bringing you into my pod cast. Simple, since then I have made all of the adjustments to make it even better & I think you will like the gradual flow of the transition. I have also already recorded 8 episodes so that I would be sure to commit to a new pod cast every Wednesday.

Episode 2 will have the #AskLisaAnn questions so many of you were kind enough & creative enough to submit. I liked it so much, I want to keep it going and in my new episodes, I will answer 3 a week! So keep em coming at & keep listening to be sure not to miss yours!

I have to kindly request with a really sweet smile & a sparkle in my eyes “Will you please subscribe, like & just love The Lisa Ann Experience?”

The Lisa Ann Experience

The Lisa Ann Experience is my way to take you on a little weekly adventure. With a variety of guests, topics and the occasional solo story time, we will share in my current life of living the best of both worlds. Comically informative and occasionally provocative The Lisa Ann Experience is all about having fun.

Live life light through me and live life with zest with me.