Episode 2… #AskLisaAnn

Tomorrow will be the release of the 2nd episode of The Lisa Ann Experience. This will also be the show that is all about the questions that were so kindly submitted to my askLisaAnn@gmail.com

You will also get to meet my producer, Aaron & he will be the one reading me the questions, since he was the one to screen the emails for us & choose the ones that would create the most interesting listening experience. After we recorded this show, I realized how much fun it was. With that said, I will be doing a monthly show just for this purpose to answer your questions. Feel free to continue to submit them to the email.

On another note, I wanted to be sure you have ease of access on a platform you enjoy for The Lisa ann Experience, so it is on iTunes, Stitcher & Soundcloud. I think I covered all the bases as it flows from those spots to al the other platforms in time.

Get ready! Episode 2 is all about YOU!