The grind is real. So is the curveball I threw some of you with that header! HA .. What I mean is this, I have been busy. Good busy, focused busy, but it has been a while since I have been quite this busy.

My trip back east was awesome. I got in more time with friends than I think I did for months when I lived there. Funny how when you live close to people you take them it for granted that you can see them & spend time with them whenever you want. Now that that is not the case, I make sure to make time. It was the best, I realize when I take time like that I am not quite as social on social media, I feel guilty. Then I take a beat & remind myself my life is important too. I lived in the moments, enjoyed some nice walks and soaked in NYC the way I always do.

It was Saturday evening & woke up after sleeping on my flight coast to coast. I woke  refreshed & ready to dive in to everything fantasy football. I put in my ear buds & didn’t take them out until bed time that night. My phone in my back pocket listening to all of my favorite podcasts & shows on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. I unpacked, did laundry, sorted mail & got to work. Setting line ups! I am managing 19 season long fantasy football leagues & I also play some DFS, so you can say I am all in!

The first time I even looked at the clock it was 11pm. Line ups were set,  most of my laundry was done & I was wiped out. All I wanted to do was watch last weeks episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. My DVR was so stacked, but I set limits so I don’t stay up all night watching TV. Watching last weeks Curb “The Accidental Text”  was the perfect ending to the day.

Sunday morning, I was up at 6am. I had a couple of things I needed to do before I sat still in front of my TV watching games & prepping for my Sunday Night show. I needed to hit the market, the gym & I booked an early morning massage.  I try to book a massage after I travel & there is nothing I look more forward to. Before you know it, it was 10:30am & I was just landing on my couch to catch the games. I sat, I wrote notes as I always do. My off couch breaks were spent  prepped my food for the next 2 days.

The day flew by & next thing you know it was time to go on air with Howard Bender for our Sunday night show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. The show ends at 1am ET & well you know I can’t fall asleep till I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Last night, as tired as I was, I could not resist my DVR. I have something to admit, I have some guilty pleasures when it comes to TV & 1 is EMPIRE. YES, I watch that show & I love it. I love Cookie’s style so much I swear I watch it to see what she is wearing, but the story line is crazy & it isn’t too violent, so laugh all you want, I love Empire. I said it. I love it.. Also, not afraid to admit my love for Broad City, so that was next. I fell asleep laughing so hard at that show,  but I should not have stayed up so late. LOL

Ay 6am my alarm went off and today started. 1st, coffee, make my bed, do some chores & hit my office. I started with filling orders from my book stores, answering some emails, phone calls etc & was out the door at 11am. I had a day of errands & a good work out planned & somehow I got it all done. My list was so random, but it included like 6 separate stops including a trip to the post office to ensure I would have the choice of the Holiday Stamps I wanted for my holiday cards. May seem unimportant, But it matters to me.. LOL last year I got stuck with lame ones.

Why am I telling you all of this, because like I said earlier, sometimes I feel guilty when I don’t have enough time to chat through out the day, so I figured a little recap would be mildly entertaining.

Let me add a couple fun facts, I am prepping for my show tonight, Lisa Ann Does Fantasy 10pm-1am on Sirius 210 XM 87 while I am also prepping for my trip tomorrow to Australia. So when I say #TheGrind you now know what I mean.

Don’t worry I am enjoying every little bit of #TheGRIND I know that I will be back to sitting still again soon, I am excited to go back to Australia again, while it will be my first time to Melbourne. Life Is good, I wanted to share, I hope you are all feeling powerful & positive today!