Skin Care…

Skin Care..

I have been getting so many kind responses about my skin since I started to post my new pictures, so I decided to take a moment & write about it!

Letʼs start with everything I knew for most of my life was wrong and fairly expensive. I have always had sensitive skin, or so I thought I did and with that said, I was always reading on the latest products & buying them shortly there after. By the end of the year, my bathroom drawers & cabinets were overflowing with half used products that I felt never lived up to there expectations.

What I know now, it was my expectations that were wrong. Looking at my skin care from the outside in was all wrong. What matters more is in reverse, the inside out, my diet. After doing some homework on the topic I decided to removed sugar & dairy from my diet. My skin started to calm down & my skin remained clear. There is always the occasional break out, but that is usually a reminder I forgot to take my probiotic. Taking a probiotics daily & removing sugar & dairy from my diet was my first, real, skin care win.


I also decided to go a bit easier on my skin, experiment less with new products. I have a more basic, inexpensive skin care routine than ever. I used to always use make up remover wipes, in my quest to be more environmentally sound & a minimalist, I decided I would not buy them for home, I would just use them when I travel. At home I do a 2 step oil / cleanser routine. I take warm water on a wash cloth & w’rm my face. Then I apply some Aragon oil & message in into my skin to remove my makeup. I lay the warm washcloth on my face and pull up the oil. After I take the oil off with the wash cloth, I use a mild foamingcleanser, rose water toner & a moisturizer. I Iove this simple combo.


Before bed, I fill the humidifier that I have next to my bed, I add some essential oils and I sleep with the mist of the humidifier keeping my skin moist. (Note: when traveling most hotels have humidifiers for guests, this is one thing I try to never be without, this is clutch is Vegas & high altitude trips)

Last but not least, my overall diet change eating a plant based diet. I ‘m always eating nutrient dense foods that are nourishing my skin from the inside out, the past couple of months since I started this new diet I have noticed a huge change in the texture of my skin making my make up lay on my skin so much smoother.

Donʼt forget to add water! I drink water & lots of it!