Apple Cider Vinegar…

Another conversation turned into something to write about.  You are all making this so much fun! This time, same neighborhood as yesterday, I would consider this topic and skin care under the wellness department. This time the topic is apple cider vinegar. In just a couple articles reading of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar you can see this was a natural healer here long before the pharmacy with an endless amount of benefits.

I was introduced to apple cider vinegar years ago, when I was suffering from the worst psoriasis flare up of my life that lasted over the span of a year.  It all ended when I was introduced to Apple Cider. (When I say ended, I mean the flare up, skin conditions like psoriasis are forever but can be managed & flare ups can be avoided) After going to see too many doctors & taking endless medications with no success, I decided to search out a holistic doctor. This doctor wanted nothing to do with me taking another medication. He taught me so much & after listing all of the medications & shots I had taken over the past year, he explained that I had highly compromised my immune system, making everything about my skin condition much worse.

He gave me very basic instructions. He said, “Go to Whole Foods buy a case of apple cider vinegar.” I was told to drink it straight till my skin cleared. His instructions were to drink 8oz at a time straight, 3 times a day. He told me to monitor my skin and as it calmed I would be able to take it just morning and night diluted with water. He also told me to pour a bottle in a luke warm bath and soak in it. I remember walking out of there thinking this all sounded so crazy, but I was willing to try anything!. What I didn’t know yet about these basic instructions, was the smell. The taste. YIKES!

Keep in mind when I was struggling with this intense psoriasis flare up, I was also a porn star/ feature dancer full time. The Internet was poppin & the high definition camera was everything. There was no working on a high definition camera, for me, with a skin disorder! So whatever, I told myself to give these basic instructions a month. So, I drank it and bathed In it. I was fully committed, all in! So all in that everything in my bathroom smelled like apple cider vinegar, but after the second week my flare up was calming down, by the 4th week there was not even a remnant if the psoriasis flare up on my entire body.

That type of success just naturally breeds loyalty with me, so though I don’t bathe in it anymore, I also can’t live without having it on hand. If I get a bug bite I will put the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball & dab it on the bite.  It calms the itching & redness. I still drink apple cider vinegar every day 2x a day. I do a shot in my smoothie every day and I drink a glass of cold water mixed with apple cider vinegar before I go to bed.

So many people ask me how I can drink it, especially before bed. Think of the fact that it saved me during a time of intense struggle. On the other hand I have no guilt using it. It is chemical free, it has no negative side affects & I feel good about reaching to nature to nurture myself. Many years later, I still can’t stand the smell or the taste so here is the game plan on how I make it happen before bed. I brush my teeth and keep brushing them while I make mix the vinegar & cold water. Once I know I only taste toothpaste, I get rid of the toothpaste in my mouth, chug the 8 oz of water with a shot of apple cider vinegar, then I get right back at the tooth paste and tooth brush. Yeah it seems like a lot, but it makes it bearable and forces me to do the best job ever brushing my teeth to avoid tasting it or smelling it.

Try the apple cider vinegar for many uses & overall wellness. To me, it is a inexpensive, natural cure all. I also highly recommend it for anyone struggling with a skin condition.

Note: (I only buy the Braggs brand Apple Cider Vinegar)