My 1st of 2018!

Last week, the first full week of 2018, I had some first. Not just any firsts, very colorful first. I’m laughing as I write this knowing I have to set this up properly so I don’t set myself up for total disaster here. lol..

So bear with me. Now what I am about to tell you is not something you would normally read from me, but one of my favorite tweeters told me the other day that he likes my blog because it is like my total stream of consciousness. True. Very true. Thanks for the inspiration, I am rolling with that.

So back to my firsts. Let me paint the picture. It was date night. Yes, I go on dates, but they are a little unique because they are guys I, overtime, have built a, casual relationship with. These friendships are so important to me. We have boundaries that are simple and we have respectful relationships with a lot of love and connection but no strings attached.

This specific date night was with one of my favorites (ok he is my favorite) we have always have an incredible time together. Months can go by between dates & we just pick up right where we left off. We have had our thing since before he was legal to drink and he turns 30 this year.

When our date night is set up, all I need to know if what time to be ready. I never ask the restaurant because he always picks perfect spots! When he arrives to pick me up, he gets out of he car and opens the door & for me. It is the little things like that makes it special & gives the vibe of a special night ahead! Remember, manners are a total turn on to me, so factor that in here. He also, on occasions, arrives with flowers.

So, last week on date night, we decided to have a couple cocktails before dinner. We talked everything from his new apartment to places we wanted to travel this year. As we sat for dinner the conversation continued, add In some incredible food & more cocktails. If that wasn’t enough, we decided to hit up one more spot for a night cap after we left the restaurant.

You see where this is going right? My 1st if 2018?

My 1st hangover of 2018 compiled with my first walk of shame (I had to see the new apartment he was talking about right?)

As I was sitting in the Uber trying to get home before traffic, all I could think was, “I hope one of my neighbors isn’t outside waking their dog when I pull up in my clothes from last night!” (that is, the walk of shame to me) The good news is at 45 the clothes I wear out could also potentially be worn to an office meeting so it’s not that much of a disaster. Lol

Why am I telling you this? Well, I don’t drink much, at all anymore. There are many reasons for that, including hangovers are the worst, but every once in a while even I get lost in the moment & let the night just take me. We, as we always do, had an incredible date night.

None of this plays well into my healthy lifestyle. I am not condoning a night of drinking here, at all. Don’t worry I got the ultimate payback served up in the form of a hangover LOL.. But for some reason, at this point in my life, waking up, in a strange apartment, hung over, just cracked me up and still does. I flashed back to many fun nights of my younger days! So as I had to go to meetings the next day with a hangover, I was just shaking my head all day at myself, while looking back on a totally awesome night.

I went back and forth about writing this piece sharing this somewhat immature and irresponsible side of me. That is the fact that considering me sharing this made me uncomfortable was also the fact that made me share it.

Again, my stream of consciousness. #TRLA