My Teeth…

When I was about 8 years old my family dentist said to me, in his very stern voice, “Lisa, so you know, only floss the teeth you want to keep!” At that age, that statement left me in total fear if I didn’t floss my teeth they would absolutely just fall out!

OK, that was a bit dramatic, but I like what he did there. I was at an impressionable age & well, I took those words as the truth! I can’t deny the fact that the flash back of his commentary is so imbedded in me, that because of it, I take going to the dentist as a very important part of my life. So important that I actually get my teeth cleaned 4 times a year. Oh & by the way I love it.

I have some pointers for you. Find a dentist & a location you love. I mean love, you cannot have any reasons to not go, parking, not pleasant office staff, mean dentist. NO NO NO.. Make it something you like & you will be less reluctant to go. Also, add your headphones. The worst part of a cleaning is the sounds right, exactly; this is why I listen to music or sports talk while I am getting my teeth cleaned.

Now, I know we all know people who take better care of their car than their teeth. Kind of pointless, how long do they plan to have that car? Hopefully they plan to have their teeth longer. Also, don’t procrastinate. It is just like everything else, the longer you put it off the bigger of a task it is.

Why do I go 4 x a year. Let me explain.  I have less room for error going more often. You know how you get real serious about flossing & teeth care right before a dentist appointment, well by upping my visits, I am always in that zone. Also, there is not enough time to even slack enough to get a cavity & since I have been going 4 x a year I have also not had a cavity.

I love my dentist, I love his office, the staff & the location. The office is in Beverly Hills & I enjoy the ride there. It gives me a little time to reflect, think about what it was like to live in Pennsylvania and wonder if I would only ever see Beverly Hills on Beverly Hills 90210. I make it a 4 x a year trip of gratitude.

Don’t even bring up the money, because I have seen people spend more money at a bar than I spend on my 4 x a year visits to get your teeth cleaned. Putting money aside for this, for you, protecting your pearly whites, I can’t think of a better way to spend the extra money. The cost is still less than a night out for 2 for a fancy dinner. To me, my 4 x a year to get my teeth cleaned is just another way to ensure I am living a life focused on a cavity free live & optimum health!