Well… do I have something for you today… Let me just tell you what my life has been like the last 2 weeks since my shoot with Holly Randall. It has been endless hours every day sorting & labeling photos, working with editors, uploading & downloading. 2 computers going all day as exhausted as I am by the time it is bed time.

Last night I finally got around to downloading a video Holly had sent me days ago. I was in that max space life, pulled some thing on to hard drives & opened up my world to download this video.

I waited & I waited & as soon as it was done, I watched in total awe. I loved it, watched it again, reached out to Holly raving about the video. She shot it, edited it, put the music, the motion & her extra potion. She is a gifted woman & I sure am happy to be able to work side by side with her on my projects.

Just as I thought I would be getting ready for bed, Holly & I agreed we were both going to post it. These things take time to upload & I can tell you this, there was no way I would be able to sleep with out knowing I posted this on my You Tube Page first!

Today, I say, at work or home, stop what you are doing & enjoy this as much as I did!