The Book of Leon

The Book Of Leon “Philosophy Of A Fool” Leon Black (AKA JB Smooth)

You know I love to read. I read to learn, to escape, but very seldom have I considered reading to be for laughs. I mean hysterical laughing, in bed, trying to relax myself to sleep, while actually feeling like I turned my bed into a comedy club & sleep is the last thing on my mind.

My love for “Leon” ties in with my love for Curb Your Enthusiasm. I love that show, I mean LOVE. I understand it is not for everyone, but though I understand I still don’t get it. If that makes any sense, if not it, right back at you if you don’t like Curb, because to me, that makes no sense.

My friend Kevin sent me this book. On his own. It wasn’t on my wish list, I didn’t even know this book existed till Kevin took it upon himself to ensure I had a copy of this book in hand, knowing he totally knows me, my sense of humor & my love of books.

IMG_2047 2.jpg

So Kevin. You totally rock. Thank you for going out of your way, buying the book, wrapping it up (with an awesome Dr J Jersey Tee) and shipping it to my po box. No assistance from Amazon prime, one click shopping. Effort, kindness & just a total badass thing to do.

This book. I loved. I laughed & while I was reading I highlighted spots I loved and read them to my co-host before our show last night & read some on the breaks to our producers.

One of my favorite-framed photos in my house is from Super Bowl 50 media day. I was at media night collecting player interviews and whom do we see? JB Smooth looking fly AF. NOTE: His style on Curb does not look like he did on media day, but damn it made for a great picture..


2 things… Get the book & Know how excited I was to be such a fan & meet “Leon”