Back to my random stream of consciousness today..
Snacks, one word with unlimited happiness attached. I love the word snacks! I love snacks but more than anything, people who know me personally know if they go anywhere with me or do anything with me there will be snacks.
Last night while I was packing things for my shoot today, I found myself most contempt when I was packing snacks for my crew & talent. I have an idea what everyone likes to eat & drink, so I pack accordingly!
Many years ago, in the early 90z I took on the label “Party Mom” what this meant was, no matter where we were, what we were doing, my friends all knew at any time they could ask me for snacks, gum, candy, hand wipes, you name it, I got it.
My need to be prepared is one thing, BUT my desire to keep my people happy with snacks is some next level shit! Something I take serious AF.
I am off to set today to create a something sexy for the world to enjoy. Just remember this, I get to enjoy it first!