FSTA Winter Conference…

Today is the kick off to the FSTA Winter Conference & though the words winter & baseball don’t really jive, this is happening this evening. There will be the 1st Fantasy Baseball Draft of the season & I will be walking the floor & interviewing the experts about their teams.

This is so totally awesome for me, because I look at this event anawesome pre season class on the upcoming fantasy baseball season. I get to hear all the best experts, give a little commentary about each player, the stats that they provide in a 5 category root league & how the players on their team compliment each other.

To some of you this may seem so foreign, I totally get it, I love this little escape of mine, where I just fall into the sounds, soak up the knowledge & get to be in the company of the best experts in the fantasy sports biz.

Today MY show “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy” will be on from 2-4pm ET to make room for the night at FSTA for the #FSTADraft. You can listen to the draft from 8-11pm ET & don’t worry, this study guide will be available for you to listen to on demand at SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.