Imposters ….

First, I want to start with a thank you to so many of you that have helped me find imposters & get them totally zapped. The real issue here is the fact that they just keep popping up. Part of me feels bad for anyone with so much free time that they just do this type of thing all day, but in reality for those who fall for an imposter I feel even worse. It is quite a burden on me, but again, just another thing out of my control. I thought I would put together a couple things to help with the confusion.

First, these imposters seem to start a direct message conversation in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This is something I would never do. I would never just start talking to someone out of no where. Now that I understand what they also do, they follow those who follow me, making them an easy target. It is NOT me, Please don’t reply.

I have considered unfollowing everyone on all of my platforms to permanently avoid the confusion, if I follow no one, these imposters would have NO target audience, so that is a solution that makes sense, but then at the end of the day, they have won. That is not what we want here, because I have made some friends and we have mutual conversations in direct message. So, that is an idea I am putting on the back burner for now, for us.

I will continue to post my actual social media addresses with the hopes that eventually no one will be persuaded by someone acting as me. FOR now, lets just keep on keeping on by staying on top of reporting them and if you see something strange, you can always screen grab it and post it to me, so I can start to aggressively report.

There are pros and cons to everything right? I would say imposters are one of those cons… The pros are all of you. Thank you again in working with me to keep things safe & happy for all!  xoxoxoxoxo