Happy Super Bowl Sunday…

Today is the BIG day in the NFL, It is Super Bowl Sunday. For the 1st time in about 15 years, I am not working, hosting an event, doing a show, nothing. I get to be with my friends at a SuperBowl Party & I just cant wait.. I kinda forget what it is like. I know this much, I am going to face the test of some supreme junk food today. YIKES! LOL

Well I have laser focus, because this week, I finish my first movie. YUP, movie.. So much I have to wait to tell you, but some really big & awesome things to share, just not yet. lol

This week was totally dedicated to my podcast The Lisa Ann Experience on the Gas Digital Network. I recorded 3 interviews that you are going to LOVE. Not only did I record, but ever step up uploading the content is done & the awesome people at Gas are already editing & prepping.

I have also been enjoying spending time with my guests for a couple of hours after we do the interview, so we can talk about some things that they may not want to share publicly. This is giving me a time to build a bond with some new people in my life & really reconnect with some of the people from my past. It was really nice.

After I interviewed Raven Hart, I got out some snacks & made tea and we sat and got to know each other, it was lovely. The next guest, my girl Aubrey Black & I did our usual talked for hours after the interview. Last night I interviewed Isiah Maxwell & we decided to talk a walk & get some dinner. We sat outside, got some fresh air & picked up right where we left off. I urged Isiah to start watching Shark Tank. I have a goal to ignite the spark in the future, master entrepreneur I know he is! Taking more time to connect, instead of rushing right back to my computer or social media just feels good & I am loving it.

Now, I am back in my comfort zone with 3 interviews in the can! I did not like living week to week & believe it or not I had my 1st cancellation, followed by my 2nd cancellation in a matter of 72 hours a couple of weeks ago. It was like the cancellation seal was broken & I found myself in a bit of panic, hence the two solo shows.

Now I can breathe and it just feels so good. I feel at my best when I am living one or two steps ahead, which I finally am…

Wednesday of this week, I reconnected with Jordan, a photographer I used a ton for my site TheLisaAnn.com for years. He & I have always shared books, talked documentaries & have had endless conversation about new things we are discovering in life. It was a really nice day. The pics & videos are being edited & them will delightfully land on my site TheLisaAnn.com

This is it, all the work I plan to do today, It is all about the SuperBowl & catching up with friends today! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

(Please remember, don’t drink & drive. I need every single one of you to be safe!) 🙂