My Day…

Today, Wednesday May 9th, is my 46th Birthday. The fact that it fell on a Wednesday & I already have a big party planned for Friday night, I decided 100% that I would carve out today & make it rich in solitude. A day for me in a vacation mindset, to be at my pace, time to think about all of the new adventures in my life since I turned 45. It has been an incredibly bright year.

On this day of solitude, i wanted to do one thing for sure when I arrived in NYC. Sit in Time Square, people watch & read a book. I did just that. I didn’t even look at the time, I just listened to the beautiful live music playing and enjoyed the feeling of the sun while I read my book. So you know, it was a cover to cover read. Sebastian Maniscalco “Stay Hungry”(A gift for my Birthday, from my friend & fellow fantasy sports leagues competetor, Kevin. This wasn’t a book on my wish list & it wasn’t a one click order & ship on amazon. He wrapped the book & sent it to me with a Joel Embiid Funko Pop. Thats some effort & that is really special, so that is why & how I chose the book to read. I packed 3 and have my kindle for backups! lol

As I sat in Time Square, I fell into the magic. It is so loud, to me it is quiet. It is a total tourist trap, divided by food trucks, surrounded with people. I love the look on peoples faces as they walk through Time Square. Everyone wants a photo & for those who know me well, you know I have an infinity for finding people taking family photos while dividing the family as one member acts as the photographer. That is where I step in and offer to take a photo of them together. It was one of my favorite past times when I lived here. Everyone is so living in their moment they could give 2 fucks about who I am! They just want a good picture, that I deliver. I take multiples!

I also love to listen to all of the different languages that pass through Time Square while I watch men in suits walk between buildings as if it is hard to imagine operating any business in the middle of that chaos in Time Square. I was kindly greeted by a Sharp Dressed young man in a tie who recognized me (blows my mind in sunglasses & behind a book, I can be found) and we took a photo together. I actually had him delete the first one, then we faced the sun to have better lighting on out faces with no shadows. Thank you Holly Randall & hey, young guy, keep that in mind with the women in your life. Always give them good lighting.

As I was sitting there, minding my own business, a homeless women walks up and takes my water off the table. “Ok” i said “I guess you are keeping that” she took a swig and threw it on the ground. Of all the failures of this brief encounter, she took it next level and throws the bottle on the ground. Now I am annoyed. She littered! I could care less about the water, litter preturbs me. As others around me noticed this happen, I said to one couple, “I am only mad that she littered, I am from Pennsylvania, we dont do that!” they chuckled and then proceeded to tell me they are from Scranton, PA & they are in town to catch some Yankees Games. That was all i needed, the sports olive branch with a Pennsylvania twist. A Yankee Fan from Scranton has scouting ability with the Yankee’s Minor league team is based in Scranton. As you can imagine, this was a lovely 10 minute conversation. Tho I have no water, at that point I was only half way through my book with no interest in moving till I was totally finished.

Shortly after that encounter I notice 2 women, approximatly in their 70s dressed so well. That generation doesn’t leave the house unless they nail it. Accessories, make up, wardrobe & handbags. As I looked up to smile at them one of the woman asked me about my book. I told her I was really enjoying it, it was vey funny. She said “Anything that makes you laugh is good for you!” I smiled and let them both know I was admiring their style as they approached me.

Another solid encounter. See Time Square allows me to kinda fall into the cracks, step back & be me. Since Lisa Ann is on vacation, celebriting the holiday known as Lisa’s Birthday, everything and anything goes that is randomly normal. Hard to express, but I hope you undertstand.

After the cover to cover read of my new book, I decided it was time to go, take a long shower and relax a bit. The “relax a bit” is something I never get to do, especially during the day. I find a hotel the perfect setting for that. Something about sitting on a bed all day with the tv on feels like a vacation. (Friends marathon on at the moment)

I took a nice long shower. I used every beautifully scented product i could find.I fell into the moment & listened to my thoughts. The past couple of months have been hectic, loud & demanding. I am being forced to interact with many more people & personalities & daily asked to do a million more things. I knew I needed to take a beat. Getting older teaches you about you, listen. I heard myself last week say, you need a vacation, so here I am happy as can be, I have carved out some me time, while thinking about all of the things i am so incredible grateful for here are just a few..
My boss at Sirius is still BY far the best boss anyone could ask for. When I asked for the time off for the Italy trip, he was so excited for me. I haven’t taken more than 2 days off from my show since 2013. He mentioned that, he was excited & more-so thrilled I didn’t book it during football season. lol. In fantasy sports, football season is like an accountants tax season. Its the real deal & I know way better than to try to escape then. When you like your boss you want to excel. His kindness inspires me. That is a lesson to myself and something I am keeping close to my heart as I venture into opening myself up for more business relationships.

Since my last Birthday I have been sticking to a simple rule, communicate with one friend a day by phone, not text. Now, some friends get a vey long winded email when our schedules don’t work, but it takes me a good 30 minutes to write. These phone calls with my friends have been the greatest breaks in my day, highlights in my life. They have made me feel closer to them & more connected to myself. I am REALLY grateful i empahsized on this last year, now it is 2-4 phone calls a day minimum, some lasting hours at night. I love them all. When did we forget about the power of a phone call people? Its super special.
At this time last year I had the same, redundant visual in my head. I pictured  myself at a table in Vegas with dice in my hand. Just shaking them and shaking them with total fear, knowing once i threw down the dice, the call would be made. December I threw down the dice. I decided not to work for other companies, I tured down an offer that will take my company a long time to make me, BUT I am SO HAPPY I did it my way. My impact is greater. I can make my sets a positive moment in time that everyone can walk away from feeling amazing, including myself. I was afraid of the additional work which has added a good 30 hours a week to my work week, but i am so charged up by what I am creating, it is like I have tapped into a new energy source & I just dont stop!
I somehow managed to uncover the final rock with my company by forming a partnership with Evil Angel. I love everything about it. You don’t know this, but I will tell you. I love going to the office. If I could go 1 x a week I would. I learn something every time I am there. I am getting to be 100% on the pulse of everthing that has to do with my product & on the occasional Wednesday when I get to run into the legend himself John Stagliano & talk some shop, but mainly baseball. John Loves Baseball! I feel like i belong at Evil Angel. So another check on the happiness chart and the overview of my thoughts on my Birthday.

Charity. You may remember me starting to talk about wanting to be more involved, use my time, for the greater good. Well, success, I already have 6 charity events locked in for 2018. I will take the time off, travel & meet new people and put everything about myself aside for someone else. It feels INCREDIBLE..

I’m saving the best for last. YOU, My reader, my friend, my follower I can tear up for real, just thinking about the reality that I would not be me if it werent for you. I mean sure I would still be me, but who would that be if all of you didn’t care so much. Support me so much and help me so much. Just the help I have been getting with imposters on social media warms my heart daily. I look at my timeline and see you all have squashed another account for me. I shake my head in disbelief while I take a deep, deep breath of gratitude.

Today was exactly what I needed, just a big hug to my soul….. The best present I could ever get for my Birthday!

NOTE: The photo has a book from Kevin & a dope pair of kicks from my friend Elena in Germany, both were Birthday presents & both a part of my day!