My Type

How many times have you been asked the infamous dating question, “What’s your type?”

This question, for years, baffled me, until this last Saturday afternoon while mingling at a beautiful party at The Randall Ranch. I, finally, just over a week after my 46th Birthday, had my Ah Ha Moment, where I finally can clearly answer the life long question “what’s your type?”

Before I divulge my answer in detail to you all, let me tell you how I got here. I have been thinking about this for some time, so what I have come up with had to start with the end result. The end result is, when I meet someone that makes an impression, someone I am  drawn to in good conversation & quite possibly someone who resonates with me after the interaction. Maybe if you I am lucky, someone who could potentially inspire a daydream or two after this interaction. (I day dream a lot)

Yes, all of the above did happen, leaving me to do some serious thinking on my drive home & break out a pen and paper as soon as I got home to take notes!

So here goes.. My type..

Someone who does not take them self too seriously, with an obvious good sense of humor connected with that.

Someone who is easy to talk to, not just with me, but with everyone, so obviously friendly comes with that along with a touch of helpfulness (willing to help set things up & clean up at a party) Obviously that comes with someone who is also kind. Manners are mandatory & they are pretty organic with this type of person.

Someone who is adventurous & athletic that I could take adventures with & could potentially challenge me physically.

Someone who loves nature & animals.

Someone who works in the field of helping others. (this was a tough one to accept for me because I had to ask myself “why is this a thing?” )Ok, It came with a minor mental struggle, with a  pretty easy reality. I can see my life as a bit selfish to an extent & I find something calming about the potential person I would want to be with, “my type,” to balance that fact out. Someone who does all the good I don’t do, I can’t do.

What I came to most of all about this. Nothing I have here, after asking myself for a good 24 hours if I was missing anything, nope. This is it. It is not at all about looks, status, money or even sex. Before real sex, connected sex, unlike sex as a sport kind of sex, the connection for me, must be real. So indeed you see that for me, someone has to be my type for me to want to be with them in any sort of real thing.

This totally explains my single life. I just never really clarified to myself what “my type” is before. Since I generally like people, I can enjoy a vast range of people on many levels. Yet for some reason, I have only been in 1 real relationship, I have only ever lived with 1 guy & though I feel like I am not missing anything, answering this question sure explains a lot about the way I have lived my life.

BUT for someone to make an impression, resonate & potentially pop up in my daydreams, they kinda have to be my type.

Talk about an Ah Ha Moment right? Like total facepalm!

wait.. Now I peaked your curiosity about who I met.. right? Sure I did, so in the spirit of not leaving you hanging, I will tell you I met many people. I person did stand out, but clearly as my teacher. Lesson learned. I am not ready for any sort of life changes at the moment, but it sure feels good to know when and if I am ever ready, I finally can be clear on my type!