After doing so much incredible reading on the power of “mindset” I decided to experiment and make it a full focus of my new process. While being a professional juggler of sorts with all of the things involved in my life, my career, my brand, I wanted to try to create focus times that would allow me to stay in one mindset propelling my focus levels through the roof. Also, my excitement level.. Yeah, that’s a shock right? But yes, I have already seen a huge difference in how much more excited I am for each things I am doing because by being more mentally prepared, cultivating a mindset, allows me to build my own level of excitement with everything I am doing.

I started this last year and made it a full focus as I was wrapping up my year and planning to spend time with friends for the holidays. I worked extra hard to be ahead on all of my projects so that when my guests arrived I would be in the total mindset of the holidays and my time off. I wouldn’t have top check my phone, respond to emails or do any work as I was fully caught up. It worked and I enjoyed my down time more that I ever have. I also allowed myself to put some projects on a list and let them go from my mind, allowing me mental space with the security that I have written it down and will attend to that list in January when I was ready.

Now lets flash-forward to my current 2019. I wanted to take the month of January to be in the preparation mindset. I wanted to not only map out as much of my year and my travel schedule for events through the month of January, but I also wanted to carefully close out my books from 2018. I also wanted to take some needed time for networking to create some new projects for me to take on this year, as well as take on some home projects/ chores at my house.

All in all, the mindset I wanted for January was to be still, at home, and complete anything and everything I could from 2018 while building and structuring everything I could for 2019. Well, it sure did work. I feel great about what I have accomplished and after taking the last 3 months of 2018 to build my “home chores” list, I have loved picking them off one at a time and crossing them off my list, all in the month of January.

What I find the most ironic about the chores part of al of this is the fact that I have enjoyed doing them all. It is like I had secretly convinced myself by writing this list and scheduling this home time to take care of my stuff. I have cleaned closets, donated many things & taken the time to get rid of all of the Tupperware with no lids. For someone as busy as me, having a day to putz around the kitchen cabinets at home while listening to some form of sports news can seem like a vacation of sorts. I have literally loved all of it.

One last bit to throw out there. Writing. I decided to take a break from my podcast to focus on the writing of my new book in the New Year. I looked at my creative abilities and again through the power of reading I have come to the conclusion that we all only have so much gas in the tank. With that said, I removed my creative energy from one project and totally threw it into another and I am so happy with the results. I am not only writing and editing every day 5 days a week for a couple of hours, I have already taken the time to label the photos that I think may land in my next book. That step also allowed me to print some of the photos for some collage frames that I can walk by daily, keeping the inspiration flowing for book #2!

So, as you see, I am pretty happy with this little experiment. I have created a pace through the focus of mindset that has helped me strike a rhythm that I am just grooving to!

PS: Yes, I need to write you more here, I am working on it… XO LA