As per our conversation yesterday, I thought today would be a great day to dig in a little deeper and go into a bit more detail about some of the home chores I have been finding so much pleasure in.

A coupe of years ago I watched the documentary Minimalism on Netflix. I was instantly hooked, I immediately read all of The Minimalists books, started following their blog and started to apply their shared mindset to my life. The concept, beginning with the process of simplifying life by having less stuff starts with the process of going through things and asking the question “Does this bring value/ joy to my life?” The documentary ends with a saying that melted my heart, “Use things, love people.” That simple statement really had an impact on me. I knew the fact is I want to love people & NOT love things, just use things, so I slowly started to find a way to disconnect with things that indeed, no longer bring value/joy to my life.

When I started this process it was actually a grueling task. I have lived in the same place for a long time and we all know how easily things accumulate. I have also had a change in my body having my closets filled with totally different sized items. I started closet by closet, cabinet by cabinet and I would pick a project for a day when I had time to totally complete the project, a project that should end with a trip to the good will.

Flash forward to now. Years after watching the documentary for the first time and years closer to the understanding of what minimalism really is to me and how it applies to my life. I have started being more mindful. I now know what I use in my kitchen, bathrooms and almost closets (lol) and weekly I am able to fill a box I leave in m y basement along with a bag I leave in my closet and I make a traditional weekly run to the good will.

I have also found a great deal of pleasure in passing on things that may no longer bring me joy, but may bring joy to others. Over the holidays, I had a friend staying with me and we spent an entire night in my closet with her trying on and taking things with her that no longer brought me joy. (BTW: She had a hilarious time poking fun at the fact that when I find a top that fits I buy it in many colors, my closet is also organized by color, so when she would try one on, she would know I was offering it in like 4 colors LOL) Her shopping trip in my closet was so successful I had to ship two boxes to her that wouldn’t fit in her suitcase. That was such a fun, bonding night for us and the things that may have been too good to just drop at good will are now going to be used and enjoyed by a friend and that makes me smile.

Ironically, after that flash cleaning of my closet with a friend, I discovered a little box from my childhood. A box of sports cards that I collected many, many years ago. As excited, as I was to find them, I knew that that joy was fleeting & I instantly thought of a friend who I know would have a blast going through the cards. I reached out to him and packed them right up. The package is being sent out today with a big smile on my face. Again, though they may no longer bring me joy, they may bring joy to someone else.

All and all, this process has made me see a new me in me. I buy less, I live lighter and with those two things, I can also save more money allowing me to have more time with friends, having more room for adventure and less stress in my life. The process of going through things has also reminded me how many things I already have making the need to consider shopping for more irrelevant.

If you have not watched the documentary, I highly suggest it. Let’s face it, we are all holding on to something we don’t need and there is no time like the present to lighten our lives! Trust me, it feels GREAT!!!