Another big focus of mine in 2019 is to properly communicate the gratitude I am living in. Hence the big box of Thank You notes. Many years ago in the first series books I read about business success there was a common thread. The thread was that all successful business people write at least one thank you note a day. That inspired me and though I didn’t write one every day, I had them accessible so when I was inspired by gratitude I could write one.

What I learned from the experience of handwriting and sending someone a thank you note was the presence and power of my intention. It is an uplifting experience to thank someone and even more to hand write it.  It can also be a beautifully humbling experience to write a thank you note. It reminds me that my success could not be achieved with out the help of others. Who doesn’t need that? Handwriting thank you notes over the years and helped me take a beat and really see my situation for what it is. Then with the power of the internet emails took over, texts, brief exchanging watering down the positive emotional impact I felt by handwriting a thank you note.

When I was writing my New Years Resolutions list , that I would rather call a mission statement to myself about my mindset for 2019. One of the keys was handwriting more thank you notes. I usually would buy a small pack of thank you notes here and there, but when I would get down to the last one it would bring me back to the Seinfeld episodes with Elaine and the Today’s Sponge, with observing every scenario of gratitude to see if it was “sponge worthy!” ha. Yes, that is where I went every time I had multiple people I should thank, but a limited amount of thank you notes!

So, I took the step to avoid that and bought a 100 pack of super cute Thank you notes from amazon. If you know me personally, you know the stickers that came with the set were the actual selling point for me, but I loved everything about them, especially the price. At Amazon, I can buy 100 cards for the price of eight at the store, so I went all in. I have already noticed a difference and I am writing them more freely, reminding me more often how lucky I am to be in the situations I am with the people I am in them with. Nothing but goodness comes with all of that!