Last week I secretly kicked off my monthly “wellness weeks” for 2019. I decided that I would try to take one week a month this year to focus on taking a little extra time each day to take extra good care of me, while still handling my work responsibilities.

My Goals for the week each month.

  1. Start each day with an hour of reading before checking my phone. So I get up at the same time, but I take my coffee back to bed and start my day reading a book or even magazines, just not my phone.
  2. Check in with all of my health needs. I checked in on all of my last appointments and scheduled the needed visits, dentist, doctor etc. Knowing that I will be busy traveling in the next couple of months I have to be ahead of the game for me, to avoid getting behind.
  3. I planned to enjoy a coffee at the Framers Market and walk the entire market instead of going to my standard four stands and heading out.
  4. I wanted to put more time than normal aside for fitness for each wellness week, so I added 30 minutes to each workout by adding in a solid 10-15 mile ride each day. Not rushed, just enjoyed, especially with the new virtual tour bikes at my gym. I always pick the Italy route and flash back on my trip. While at the gym, I took a little more focused time in the steam room and enjoyed a longer shower than I normally would have time for.
  5. I got a massage on Thursday and a Facial on Friday. Normally I would do both services in the same day, but for this special week and to make more of an event over each, I separated the appointments and really enjoyed each one of them. I was put in a beautiful state of relaxation and self care two nights in a row, instead!
  6. I wanted to catch up with friends on the phone and with us all in different time zones, they were scheduled, time was carved out and we reconnected, caught up and had many laughs.
  7. I wanted to get together with a friend to eat lunch, outside, somewhere new. That was accomplished on Saturday and I loved the discovery of this new center I have driven by, but never made the time to wander into.
  8. I didn’t allow myself to work late on my computer, shutting down all my technology by 8 and switching my phone to airplane more shortly after 9pm.
  9. I took time for personal chores like, adding soil & feeding my plants, cleaning some closets and giving my patios a nice deep clean. Home things, or chores as I call them, are very soothing to me. Especially when I set the time aside and can do things at a pace that is just fun. I listen to music and dance around talking to my plants as I feed them .. lol
  10. I scheduled to be on my couch, in front of my fireplace with a pitcher of lemon water and popcorn by 6pm on Saturday Night. Taking the night to just relax, not get mixed up in any chores or work, just relaxing. I watched the doc on The Fyre Festival, The Movie “The Tourist” and re-watched this week’s new episode of Broad City.


There was also a LOT of Marie Kondo in my spirit and I found her JOY in organizing for sure. I especially love her perspective on saying “Thank you” out loud to the things you no longer need. It is a powerful way to release the guilt of unnecessary things, by thanking them for the purpose they have already served.

(If you have not checked out the Marie Kondo Netflix series yes and you crave organization and tidiness like I do, I highly suggest you watch!)

So the first #WellnessWeek of 2019 was a success. I feel ready to put in my standard extra hours this week. I feel the positive affect of putting time into me. I know that as a lifetime independent contractor, I don’t get sick days, vacation days and or random holidays off. With that said, a big part of my focus of mindset also ties into being mindful. I have to remind myself to focus as much on me as I do work. Allowing myself to take one week a month to regain focus on that should help me stay on track.

Another bonus of #WellnessWeek – operating at a different cadence gave me even more time to just be happy, relaxed and at peace, amplifying that feeling of gratitude.