Class is in session! Today is day 1 of those school days I mentioned last week, and I am SO pumped. Last night I made sure to close out my day by 5pm and put a couple hours into the focus of what I really need to learn. What is first and foremost, after that it is all about where I can improve.

As I sat down to write my list and turned on some hoops, I thought it would also be the prefect time to do a real detailed clean to my office. Like an office palette cleansing, wiping the slate clean of all my past confusion with the confidence that tomorrow I would be filled with fresh new information. I found that cleaning my office also gave me a chance to put some extra notes/question in my new notebook for tomorrow.

Once my notes were set, office was cleaned, and vacuum was run I mapped out where I would be going and wouldn’t you know there is a new location to my gym not too far from my location. So I decided to pack my gym back, so right after my class, I will hit the gym, check out the new location and gather enjoy a new space matched with my new thoughts. Having a gym bag packed is the one of my secrets to avoiding traffic. I always map where there could be a gym near where I may be going anytime I will be more than 30 minutes from my house. It adds to any adventure!

There is a bit more to these school days than me just learning, they are also about some really fun plotting and planning about some adventures I plan to shoot this year and a new little sneaker deal that in the very near future I will be telling you all about. #WhoopWhoop is all I can really say about that!! Lol

Have a great day, feel free to picture me many times through the day having non stop #facepalm moments when I learn a little trick to something that has been really slowing me down. I just can’t wait to learn. I will be listening to my Italian Audio Books for the drive to and from.

BTW the Wonder Woman pic is my new Super Power Learning Notebook that is with me right now, ready to fill with new lessons. If only I could get in my invisible jet and fly over traffic! HA #WonderWoman