Mother Nature is wreaking havoc everywhere at the moment. From freezing temps to mudslides she is really just doing her thing. In my moment it’s rain. They say it never rains in California, which is true compared to if you have lived pretty much anywhere else. I will tell you this much, when it does rain it really rains, flooding, mudslides, just a mess. This week we have had some of the most wicked thunder and lightening and powerful rains I can remember.

This rain to me, coming from the east coast, the rain represents winter. A time of the year so enjoyable to be a tad bit more lazy and move at a slower pace. a time to enjoy being home more, watching TV or reading, whatever my jam may be at the moment. My faux winter is just long enough to handle some things at home and well you know, Marie Kondo has recently become my new spirit animal so.. there is that… I have been enjoying making the most of the rain to say the least. (I smile every day when I open my organized drawers!)

This winter I have been enjoying the sounds of the rain while I work on my writing. The other day, with the crashing sounds of thunder, I sat and read my first book, The Life, cover to cover. The storm was the perfect backdrop; I listened, read, took some notes and closed my booking looking forward to mapping out the flow of book number two! The rain has peaked my ability to be still and that is the key element to the success of me writing, editing and completing. I need to be still.

So, again, I have Mother Nature to thank and don’t worry I will. The other night after a full day of rain I started to troll the internet for all of the activities I want to do when it is nice out again, from skydiving, paddle boarding to a hot air balloon adventure, I am ALL in and ready when she is. I will be kicking back up my #NatureDay series while adding adventure and full video footage of my adventures to share for all of you to enjoy.

I won’t say rain, rain, go away just yet. I am loving the cozy writers inspiration I am feeling. Makes me want to sit by the fire, with a coffee and tell you my story. So, picture that, as what I will be doing today. A different type of #NatureDay