The big game is finally here. It is officially #SuperBowlSunday YAY!

Week after week, watched the season unfold and as wild as it was, it brought us to this. To me the perfect mix for a Super Bowl, because I love the variance of what each team brings to the field today.

Let’s talk about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots…

Yes, the Patriots have done this before many times. It may even seem somewhat routine to them. Let’s not forget, they made it to the Super Bowl last season, yet they did not win. Something I hear very few talking about. Though I do think the Patriots have a great chance and I have a gut feeling Chris Hogan will make big moves today, yet again crushing my fantasy football playing soul, as I was all in on him late in drafts and he did nothing but annoy me on my teams. I digress…

Now let’s talk about Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams…

With the age difference alone, many would assume this also means lack of experience and yes, you could assume that. But there are so many additional potential narratives that could also brilliantly play out today. This team is young, fresh, excited making them to be a bit of a wild card, but still dynamic enough to take the win. This would be exciting for LA. For a young team and well there is no doubt it would be so cool to open their new stadium momentous occasion of the hanging of their Championship Banner. #epic

I will be enjoying the game today while taking some notes of some details that I know we will want to cover tomorrow night on my show. That’s right, we will be wrapping up this NFL Season, but we will be talking hoops and some baseball. More sports around the corner!

Enjoy your day everyone, have fun, be safe and don’t drink and drive. Please. Ever!