Today is a momentous day in the NBA. Trade Deadline. Players are moving instantly changing the landscape of the NBA. I have always found this an exciting time and I am totally glued to sports news even more than usual to keep up on things and recalculate what I the the moves creates for the teams.

I have always been pretty much a free agent when it comes to hoops. I will watch anyone play and go to any game I can, wherever I am. This is where fantasy basketball works for me because it allows me to follow players more than it allows me to follow teams.

Going back to my roots, I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia making my first professional basketball games, The 76ers. I can still remember the excitement of them winning it all in 1983. I was 11. That was such a memorable time in my blossoming relationship with the love of the sport, that I have a team signed ball & jersey, paired with a Dr J signed jersey.


I have found myself really enjoying watching the Sixers play this season. Embiid is one of the most polarizing young players in the league to me. Now that yesterdays trade sent Tobias Harris to match up on that court and play along side Embiid, I am hype.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and though it means so much to so many, for me it means All Star Break and time for players to settle in their new homes, bringing us back to a magnetic second half of the NBA Season.

Joel Embiid had something when her started with his mantra “Trust The Process”