So, here we are just entering February and I am sticking to my guns about every health check up I can do! I started the year with new eye glasses, which well between me & you, my glasses aren’t right but I have to find another location because I am being mildly stalked by one of the guys that worked at the place where I got my glasses. It is my first time ever having an issue with my prescription, so with out being too suspicious let me just say I have a hunch that they were done wrong on purpose so I would have to go back to the store and see my creeper.


After I Ignored him on twitter, he joined my onlyfans and here is one of the messages he sent me. (YIKES)



If you ask me, that is a bit over the top. Ok clearly more than a bit. The fact that when people are at work they feel it is a free for all, like a night club of sorts, maybe even a live tinder. It’s not. In actuality it forces me go to work spending about 10 hours over a two week span trying to find a solution with the company, submitting his messages, and filing a formal complaint. It was made to be by the manager and the company that he knew me because of my career and well, he got a little confused. WTF  Yup. I still have glasses that need different lenses, but the kid keeps his job. Don’t worry I am on it I found another location where the same doctor also works sop I can still see her and get this sorted.

The landmines in my life … right..? lol

I did not let that first appointment derail me. I have already been through way worse, it will take a bit more than that to jolt me. Annoyed a bit yes, but jolted. YAWN!

In the spirit of keeping things going, I got my teeth cleaned (perfect report card there) and this morning I went to get my blood work so that I can review it with my doctor at my physical next week. This new process makes so much more sense than getting blood work and having the Doc tell you they will call you if they see anything. That I am no longer buying. So requesting blood work a week early is the jam.√√√√√√

The year has started off at the perfect pace. I have cleaned closets, taken care of my home and taken care of me. YAY