Our lives are totally intertwined with technology and apps and all kinds of user friendly platforms. There are so many things about the world we live in now that clearly resemble the cartoon I grew up with, The Jetsons.

I am sure there are a lot of things we both resisted & maybe sill do. I must admit, I have an Alexa in the box, that I am afraid to use because of my constant fear of stalkers/ hackers. LOL.. So as hip as I may seem, I have my moments where I am reluctant to try something new.

You know what automatically erases those feelings to resist, that fate of being reluctant. YOU! I realized yesterday when I wanted to try to reach out to as many of you as possible, I started with Periscope, went over to Facebook Live, Onlyfans live and then spent the evening on the new live software on my website.

I love it all. I am totally fascinated with the ease of Periscope. I mean I didn’t have to pick a screen name as it links with twitter. It takes nothing to use it, just the app, the Internet and boom, I am there, in your face. Facebook live, you got me right there, saying hi while you may or may not be at work! Onlyfans adding a live feature is just incredible & will be easy it use when I travel. My site, I kinda fell in love doing weekly shows for CamSoda Last year & realized that time to connect with my fans feeds the entertainer in me and inspires me to do more. With that said, I also wanted to be sure it could be free for my website members, so I teamed up with my webmaster to make this possible!

I look back to a time where my only way to communicate with my fans was by mail. Yes, I was the first of my friend’s to have and learn how to use a computer. Shortly followed by learning the program Print Shop. I was determined to send out a monthly newsletter to all of the fans I had met on the road. That was a lot of work! Looking back at that amount of work, makes me look at the ease of all of my current day options and say YAY! It is so much fun for ME! Yesterday really reminded me to take advantage of all of these free platforms of communication more often.

As I laid down in bed last night, I recapped my day. The drop of my first pair of custom sneakers followed by a fun day of being social online. My Valentine’s Day was, just what it should be, filled with sharing and love because of all of you.