I have spent the last couple of days swimming in receipts, while I was building a strong emotional bond with my calculator preparing my taxes for my accountant. It is that time of the year again and we all have to face the music. What makes this tax season a little different is the change in some of the tax laws that have ignited a plethora of new reports, creating panic & anxiety.

When it comes to anxiety, one of the things that I have learned and apply to my life is to face it, not fight it. Anything that I see myself worried about, stressed or anxious about, I face and fight. The fight forces me to take action. Instead of procrastinating, I take the moment and ask myself a series of questions and the answers are always the same. I have to tackle this project now, to avoid additional feelings of anxiety.

This plan really works for me. I am able to face my fears and fight them. I am now able to take that nervous energy from the anxiety and recycle it into productive energy. Positive energy. It works, trust me. Even the most daunting task can give me the greatest feeling of accomplishment. It reminds me of the days I feel lazy & wanna skip the gym, but I make myself go and find work out more rewarding than usual.

My taxes have gone from the couple years in the past with limited vendors, accounts, activity and actions to having a mass list of vendors, platforms I work with, my store, appearances etc. Every step I have made has a different pile of paperwork behind it, but I am totally taking a sense of pride in seeing how many adventures I took in 2018!

Last night, I reached the peak. The excel spread sheet part of the exercise. I like to see everything neatly organized and detailed making my visit with my accountant a breeze. After I color coded my spread sheets last night, I celebrated my accomplishment by soaking in the tub, with a variety of my favorite scented candles burning, while listening to some spa music. No longer anxious or worried, because I know that I took every step to face the fear. I fought the good fight and I won with knockout!