Here I go back out on the road for some non-stop adventures, mixed in with my super fun gig as a Feature Entertainer. Dancing has been a part of my life since I was a teenager and by 18 years old; I was already traveling with a female review show, living hotel-to-hotel, suitcase-to-suitcase.

To some, what may seem so unusual, potentially stressful and tedious is where I thrive. As I woke up today, knowing I have a flight tomorrow night, I felt that calm. The calm to do all of the things I love doing before I leave for a trip. I dot all the “I’s” and cross every “t” to ensure that my trip will be smooth and my return will be even smoother.

Before I travel, I am the most motivated to finish all unfinished business, sort mail, file receipts, do laundry followed by a very detailed cleaning of my house. Yes, I clean my own house! On occasion, when I am busy or I feel I deserve a treat, I call my housekeeper, but, I am under the impression that this is my stuff & I should be equip to take care of it myself. It is soothing to me & it allows me to perfectly pack and know that I will return to a spotless house, clean sheets and a new pile of mail!

Today I realized something else. This is a pattern. A pattern I am somewhat lost without. Though I am used to staying home more during football season, I need these events to kick my butt in gear and stop procrastinating any little tasks and before a trip, I leave no rock unturned. It fascinates me how much more motivated to handle all of my things!

On a personal level, I always try to visit my friends before a trip, so I am packing a day early, so I can spend tomorrow in my real world before I fly off to “Fantasy Land.” I call my road life Fantasy Land, because I, myself, live a very simple and low key life. In Fantasy Land, people fuss over me and treat me with an incredible level of importance. (I often find it silly, but at the same time I know it is sweet) It is a fun dynamic to bounce back and forth from, but I keep my feet on the ground by defining and understanding the difference. I have watched too many get swept away by fame, so I choose to only flex it when I am putting it to good use, on the road!

As I started my laundry and began to pack my costumes, I realized how excited I am to get back out on the road. Keep in mind I never flew as a kid. We did travel, but in a motorhome, as cool as that was, I have to admit I have a deep-rooted love for the airport. (to some of you that may seem a tad bit nutty, I get that) The airport is a very significant reminder of how my independence came about. It also reminds me how I talked myself out of being afraid to travel years ago, when all of this was new to me. It always reminds me of that very day I went to Philadelphia airport to use my one-way ticket to Los Angeles to follow my dreams and enter into this extremely random way of life. My main dream was to live in California. That flight made my dream a reality and every flight after that has been a constant continuation of living my dream!