In many of the incredible books I have read., there was a common tone about the importance of adult playtime. Now this not what you think, when I add in the word adult it gets a bit twisted. SO, let me explain. We grow up & can’t wait to be adults. But at what cost?

When I was young, my life revolved around playing outside. I knew day light savings & what cloud covering may make it appear darker, making me have to negotiate with my Mom about the actual time. Looking back, I was always negotiating. I wanted to be outside for an extra five minutes ever night.

When I started to plan this trip to Alaska, I fell in love with the fact that all of the activities were outside. In the cold. No big deal. So I looked back to growing up In Pennsylvania and I thought about skiing, sledding & being outside no matter how cold it was. I have posted this little video here on my YOUTUBE.

Those childhood memories, added to my mindset about adult play time, put this trip in motion on the next level. I spared not a moment of extra thought to the temperature. I was going to Alaska & I was going to play!

The first stop in Fairbanks was to a remote lodge outside of the small city of Fairbanks, with the hopes and aspirations to see the Northern Lights. Thought that did not happen, it quickly became an after thought. Don’t worry, I am still chasing the show, as they say in Alaska, but that great part about that is knowing I will go back to Alaska again!

Here are some shots from Fairbanks that will remind me for years that playtime is so important. I feel refreshed and free since my Alaska Adventure!