It is that time of the year and I am so excited to be walking for my third year in a row for the #Walk2EndALZ  

Get involved and donate. Just click this LINK TO DONATE.

There are so many things I love about being a part of this walk, but what stands out the most is the involvement from the people in my life in the form of donations to my page or even just a beautiful conversation about how Alzheimer’s disease has affected their life.  These are the moments that bring out the best in all of us.

Last year I exceeded my fundraising goal, but even bigger than that, I had a group of friends walk with Me at the beach. I recruited my friend Missy Martinez and we made the drive together that morning and enjoyed breakfast at the beach.



I may not have mentioned this before and or I may be repeating myself, but I picked the #Walk2EndALZ in Huntington Beach, CA because that is the first place I lived when I moved from Pennsylvania to California and also the place where I met my best friends. I lived ion HB my first fifteen years in California. I loved living by the beach and I made sure to watch the sunset at the beach every night that I was home. I loved it so much! HB is a significant place of joy for me, so waking up to be surrounded by a wonderful  group of people, including some friends, all gathered for the same cause. That right there is special. 

I have included the link for you in case you have not had a chance to donate HERE

For those of you who already donated, Thank YOU so much! #Walk2EndALZ