A little Getaway…

This weekend was the #Walk2EndALZ in Huntington Beach, CA. Let me just start my saying thank you to all of you the donated contributing to my success as you can see here I am rocking my medal for making it into the Grand Champions Club.


This is Year # 3 for me participating in the walk and I know no matter what I will never miss it. I was joined by a friend and surprised my two girlfriends who walked with me last year. I was so proud to see them arrive! When the walk was over, we had time to sit at the beach and catch up on life. It was perfect.


I secretly had planned to stay in Huntington Beach over night. I had many reasons here. Let’s start with my writing. It was time for me to sit and do a cover to cover read of everything I have written and I had planned that would take between six and eight hours. Which it did, BUT I made sure that I had the setting to enjoy and make this part of the precess a little more fun. Here is the view I enjoyed for eight straight hours of editing.


Not a bad view at all, right. Well that is NOT all. Do you see all of the boats lined up out there in the ocean? It was the Huntington Beach Air Show. I always loved this event when I lived in HB and with this a little research I found that this hotel is part of the route and the planes would go right by my balcony. And they did..

It was incredible and I was right, it was the perfect distraction, mixed with the fresh air of the ocean to keep me on track, focused yet a little distracted by all the excitement surrounding me.. IMG_0946I also had another reason to stay over night at the beach. I wanted to make HB the spot where I shot my advertising for my new custom sneakers that will be dropping soon!

I loved living in Huntington Beach and taking some pictures early morning at the beach brought me right back to the nineties and I soaked it all in. I have done a lot since my very first time seeing that pier. A lot!! If you ever visit Southern California, I want you to make some time to enjoy Huntington Beach. It is a magical place. So magical, it left me wanting to do some cartwheels on the beach, just like I always used to!