It is time to do a little rewind on the year that was in 2019. Magical moments that I cherished and look back on filled with so much emotion, that I smile without even moving a muscle.

The obvious launch to my #2019Rewind is all about BILLIONS! The timing is perfect, because at this same time, this exact week in 2018 I was in NYC on yet another secret mission, this time to appear in a cameo on my favorite show Billions.

I put together a photo journal, making it a total piece of cake to invite you to feel every elated emotion I was feeling from check in at the amazing hotel- to the niceties in my room waiting for me when I arrived.











Note, we shot this scene on the same floor of the hotel we were staying, as you can imagine when I first stepped out of the elevator, I knew right away I would be living on the floor of my favorite TV shows set & it was nearly impossible to contain my glee. This is what it looks like when the production team builds out the protective barrier to ensure they make no damage where they are shooting. So cool right….


Once I got settled, I decided to treat myself to some fancy room service..



Followed by an even more fancy bath, where I enjoyed my book & gazed out the window at the skyline in total awe that this was actually happening. What a view from a bathroom!




My plan was, a good nights sleep, wake up early, lay out my wardrobe for the team to choose from and take a short walk to the closest DryBar to be sure my hair was done the way I like it!


That day on set, was incredible. The room was filled with busy people and to my surprise, one of those busy people, the director for that episode was holding my book. WOW. Could this moment get any more magical- flash forward about 45 minutes and then, The lead character, Damian Lewis, as we know him from Billions as Bobby Axelrod was on set, sitting down reading my book. MY Life was so Made, Right. Shortly after a lovely conversation about my book, The LIFE we took this photo together. Thanks to Corey Chase, who had her phone with her. (Note for big occasions, I leave my phone behind, my mindset is this, nothing bigger than this moment could be happening in my life and I want to be totally present, make conversation with anyone who is willing to chat and watch the crew as they make things happen for the day)



It took a couple hours to shoot and immediately following the shoot, I asked Corey Chase and Rayveness of they had every seen the tree at Rock Center. They both said NO. As shocked as I was, I would not allow them to be so close and not feel the pure joy of NYC at Christmas. I took them on a little walking tour through Time Square, to Rock Center and St Patrick’s Cathedral. I love to see the magic of Christmas in NYC and so did they.



It was an incredible day that we all had to keep a little secret till the episode landed in April of 2019. Some secrets are just worth keeping, even if they are only temporary. I knew this wouold make the perfect launch to my #2019Rewind.