So last week, you may have heard we had a little #MorningMen Thanksgiving Day Roast.

There is something you don’t know that I would be doing an injustice if I did NOT  divulge… When I was asked to be a part of this, you all know I was super excited. I got right to it and started writing my bits. Monday morning came and I was on the phone ready to record when I heard Evan laughing and Babs and Goldberg going at it with the recording information. We were pre recording. I then said to Evan, “What are the odds this gets recorded properly and aired?” he laughed, but I knew it was something I should have put some money on. Yes, now that I am covering sports betting, I want to bet on everything.

Needless to say, it was a Babs sized epic fail and my recording with their commentary added in did not record. I got the text a couple hours later. To keep things simple, I told Babs I would record it at the LA studio that night and have my producer send the finished product to them. DONE…

As I went back to listen, I realized with the laughter and commentary you may NOT have been able to hear perfectly, so I am posting my copy for all of you to enjoy!

#FALNation this is for you!

Morning Men Turkey Roast

Happy Thanksgiving #FALNation
I am so proud to be a fallet and be part of such a unique, dysfunctional, unorganized, organization .

From the Packerfan incident of 2019 to Evan overpaying In the lease of his car, to Babs buying his wife’s Birthday gifts at CVS- the holidays are a time to take a moment to say what we are thankful for.

Babs…  there are so many things I adore about you, probably because you represent the common denominator of many men, from my past, in sweat pants, at strip clubs, where I made a living for the first half of my life.

There is a real comfort in your creepiness.

You make me feel like hand central station would be a perfect air BNB for me.
As if that isn’t enough, earlier this year, you introduced me to you dad on face time. We are the perfect hot mess of a family, I know if we ever shared a thanksgiving dinner, I would eventually throw the entire turkey at your head.

Babs2018HolidayThis photo is from the SiriusXM Holiday party, before LLB took the cool kids to an undisclosed location to watch the game LOL ……..

Evan, the trusted sports voice of The Morning Men- you are the yin to Babs XXX yang, you have no creep factor, you are brilliant and you are full of common sense. Yet you don’t have enough common sense to know you have great hair & you always look like a GQ  model, especially next to Babs.

I am most grateful this holiday season for “Bab-Bites” i have never heard a Bab-Bite I didn’t like and I am laughing the entire time.

I listen to them on demand with ease as your illustrious producer labels your show with extreme precision.

You too can catch the previous episodes segment by segment streaming on the @SiriusXM app. Just search Morning Men

Some call the sweet potato casserole (especially when made with marshmallows) the Unsung hero of Thanksgiving Dinner

But Today I declare Andrew Goldberg the un sung hero of the morning men.

On Mad dog Sports Radio 6a-10a ET
#FALNation if you are with me, we as a nation, this holiday season, will celebrate the greatest side dish that is, – Andrew Goldberg

BTW: You can follow Andrew Goldberg on Twitter @AGBerg12

In closing I want to express my extreme gratitude to all of you, the dynamic duo Babs & Even, the side dish served up By Andrew Goldberg, the one and only LLB and all of FALNation-
You sure know how to make a Fallette feel special. Love you all and happy holidays ❤