A NYC Day….

NYC, the city that never sleeps, also the city with endless things to do during the day, with never enough time to do them all! This weekend was all about my love affair with the city. The simplicity of walking around, enjoying the weather and taking the time to escape into the delight of a Broadway Show.

I am sure you remember Tina Fey’s movie Mean Girls.  Well, it is now on Broadway and landed on the first on my list of the goal of seeing Broadway Show once a month this year. The fascination I have with live entertainment, especially Broadway is similar to my love for sports.


The magical symphony of creativity, talent, passion and teamwork captivates me. I am always so inspired by the combination of all these things while I fall into the excitement and beauty of a live show. The timing and precision looking so effortless while the entertainers share their pure joy for theatre with us, their guests.


Mean Girls on Broadway is a must see of you are anything like me and enjoy the brilliant work of Tina Fey as much as I do. The show brought me right back to the movie while the show  also sprinkled in some topical ingredients that can appeal to the new generation with sayings that are more in today’s conversations than when the movie was released.

After the show, I enjoyed a nice walk through the city, stopped for a coffee and soaked in the beautiful weather. I didn’t worry about my phone, social media or work, I lived in the NYC moment after the show and just enjoyed the freedom of the day.  Walking and people watching is one of my great escapes in the city, especially after enjoying a show. That positive charge of extra happiness creates such a vibe with me.



After my day adventure, I took an evening adventure through Time Square to do a little people watching on my way to dinner at my favorite spot Hunt & Fish Club.


These were the days I was looking forward to most in the city and now that spring somehow seems to be in the air early, there can be more and more of them. I will keep you in the loop with my monthly visit to Broadway in case you are visiting the city and curious about what to see while you are here.