Hello Sunshine…

Hello Sunshine…Those were my first two joyful words yesterday morning!  The past two weeks of rain have reminded me so much of growing up in Pennsylvania. Those April showers that lead to May flowers, yes, that has been the tune here. I can remember growing up and being excited to check the weather report in the newspaper and when I timed it perfectly, be able to catch the weather report on the local news. This was a way before the weather channel and even longer before the internet and weather apps.

With the conveniences of today, I can just check the weather app whenever I want, able  study the weather and find comfort that when the stars align, the sun will come out on a day that I am off from work, free from responsibility and ready to just be outside. After a lot of rain with a couple patches of sunlight, I was so ready for an entire weekend of sunshine.

I went to bed Friday night and checked the weather one more time and by the time I fell asleep, I knew I would have big Saturday plans with Mother Nature to celebrate the sunshine. Saturday morning I woke up with a childish excitement that again, brought me right back to growing up in Pennsylvania, where the weather often dictated my schedule for things like riding my bike, playing out side and just laying in the sun working on my tan. I could already see the sun peaking through my blinds, so I rushed over to open my blinds and let the sunshine in.

Off I went, out for a bike ride, this time, in no hurry to get back to work so I decided I would turn my phone off for the day, not look at the time and just let the sun be my guide. While I was bike riding through the park, I felt the energy around me. The excitement in the clear skies, warm sun and fresh air. The spring flowers in full bloom, surrounded by the green grass and the amazing pop of color everywhere. On my ride, it went from cool, to warm enough for me to make a stop to take off my sweatshirt, tuck it in the basket on the bike and feel the sun on my arms and through my tee shirt. It felt spectacular!

After my bike ride, I  decided take a book on to my roof top and work on my tan while I fell into some reading. I went through the books that I packed when I moved. There are so many I read that I loved so much the first time, I knew I would want to read them again. Off I went to my rooftop with Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “The Universe Has Your back.” It was so absolutely beautiful outside that I re-read a book that I loved the first read, cover to cover. It was such a relaxing afternoon of reading, from time to time the clouds would  pass by cooling my sun kissed skin. It was the perfect day and the proper way honor and celebrate mother nature, nothing else mattered except those two words I woke up saying …..   “Hello Sunshine!”