Weathering the Storm…

Slowly but surely I have started to venture out  and yesterday was one of those days. The weather was perfect, cool in the morning for my bike ride, warm in the afternoon for my walk and well I knew it was too nice not to go and sit outside with some friends.


Walking through Bryant Park & excited to have

some of Bryant Park Grill’s Burrata! 



My go to spot has been  Bryant Park Grill- I love the set up, how nicely spaced out the tables are and I just love their food. Like usual, I checked the weather app before I left and saw the chances of some rain at night. No worries, I will hang out for a couple of hours and get home before it even starts.



Looking through the umbrellas,

sensing the rain was on the way!!

As I walked out the door in my new sneakers, I said, yeah, it probably will rain the first time I wear these tight brand new adidas. And it did, not just any rain a downpouring of buckets of rain to the point where  the umbrellas at the restaurant would no longer due, forcing us to run like kids across the street to stand under the overhang of a building to wait it out. That short run across the street was all it took and we were soaked, but miraculously my new kicks were just fine.

As we were under the overhang, my friend spotted his cousin and he came to join us to wait out the rain and just as we were being introduced, we realized we actually met nine years ago when he delivered cookies to my Birthday party at Headquarters. See, this is what I love about NYC, the absolute randomness of such a small world in a big city.

Now we are soaked, laughing and well, it also stopped raining. So we did the one things all NYers love to do, we walked. We walked and carried on in our wet clothes having the time of our lives. The streets were totally ours and we had no concept of time as we skipped puddles to cross the streets. We took photos everywhere enjoying the city as our backdrop.



Wandering around, taking photos, soaking wet! 

Living in NYC right now is just a range of emotions. The more you walk, the emptier it feels, but when you look up the lights everywhere that are brightly shining, as still as it is, the energy is too real not to feel. There are more empty steets, empty buildings as every day more people are on their way out, than on the way in.

I have to admit, I was right there. Considering moving, leaving the city that in the current state, the crime, the loss of business, the fear of how long till it can recover, it has all been heavily weighing on my heart. Not just me, but my heart, because I love NY. For that reason, I just can’t quit it, I want to stick it out, support the business that remain and show the love that I feel right back to the city I love.

Tonight was one of those  NYC nights, weathering the storm with friends and having the time of our lives doing it.