The Lisa Ann Experience…

Episode number two of my podcast The Lisa Ann Experience, is on the way to you ..

This episode, after we get a little time to catch up or  as I like to say “intro story telling” we land right into a fun conversation with my friend Matt McGann also known as the Master of Sings from College Game day. You may be familiar with the story, but don’t worry of you are not, because we recap it all the way down to the actual sign …

Matt is a great friend of mine and I wanted to take my time with this podcast for you to get to know the people around me, that I cherish, giving you a different insight into my life.

Here is a photo from out 1st AVN together in 2014..


With that said, I am impressed by the creativity of some of the questions you are contributing to my Ask Lisa Ann mailbag segment. Well done to so many of you and I thank you, on the other end, the cringe worthy emails also provide us incredible entertainment..

If you have a question for me and would like me to include it as a part of my mail bag, send it to

This week, we are joined by the one and only Mike Babchik from the Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio. Babs is what I call him for short, so you may catch that a bit in our back and forth banter. It will be hard to top this mail bag segment  I know you will be laughing!

I am really enjoying being back in the groove with The Lisa Ann Experience and if you are feeling the same, please like and subscribe!!

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