the Lisa Ann experience

Wednesday isn’t just hump day… It is also the day of the release of a new episode of my podcast The Lisa Ann Experience. Today, like I initially promised, when I brought back my podcast. I introduce you to another person I have met along the way of my journey. 

If you are an avid listener, you may be taking note of my process. I am trying to strike the perfect balance between my past and current life as well as introducing you to my friends and sometimes introducing me to a stranger that I get to introduce to you at the same time. 

I am really enjoying the variance of it all. I get to talk fantasy sports on Fantasy Sports Radio on SiriusXM so I hold back on you with too much sports talk, but today is a different story. 

Today is all about my friends Scoop B, who has a really unique story about his introduction to sports and the life he chose to follow. I am also excited to have just partnered up with Scoop B and Bovada to bring you a weekly Instagram Live talking NBA on Bovada’s Instagram. 

I thank all of you who are making the time every week to learn more about me and learn more through me by listening to my podcast. I picture all of you when I am brainstorming Ideas & scanning through the emails to put together a fun, yet informative “Ask Lisa Ann” segment. If you want to get involved and you have a question for me, you can email it to

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