After three back-to-back, cover to cover reads of my writing for my new book, I knew it was time to submit it. I took it chapter by chapter compiling it onto one word document with page breaks between chapters to send my manuscript to the company I am working with for the self-publishing process.

I knew if I didn’t hit submit, I would just continue to tinker and potentially overwrite which was so not my intention. I wanted this to be an easy read of my simple story telling about the trials and tribulations of the last five years of my life. The five years so far that have been, most impactful and life changing in more ways than one and all for the better!

My adrenalin was pumping as I was taking this final step. This is something I have been so submerged in, I didn’t even consider what it might feel like when I came up for air. Here I sit, somehow with the desire to write some more, but this as I was thinking it, needed to land on paper. 

I had about one hour of pure glee before I was flooded with doubt. Did I tell the right stories? Did I cover everything in detail? Will it be good? I can’t have it being good enough. As I started to hear those voices, I laughed out loud. The reality is, I have made the effort, I trust in myself and for all that and more I decided not to let doubt be a part of my day that I should be celebrating an accomplishment! It is all just part of the emotional rollercoaster of being a creator, no matter what it is you create. 

The next steps are the editors will read my manuscript and they will send me back notes. While they are working on their end, I will make some photo choices to sprinkle in, as well as design the cover sleeve for the book. I will reread what I have written again this week and continue to do so for the entire process with the plan that reading it weekly will help the flow when I record the audio version of my new book. I plan to record the audio version while the book is in the printing stages and we are all waiting on the release. 

This photo was taken of me for the cover of my local newspaper after I had just won a creative writing contest. I was in fifth grade and that was my first brush with fame in my small town. Lol Looking back on that photo is my reminder that I have always loved to write, something every one of my friends reminds me I need to do more. So I have been and will continue to do so.