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Monday’s 1 pm et – I release a new episode of Dudes Do Better, sponsored by Male Ultra Core.

This podcast is just a really fun space for me to chop it up with my girlfriends and have conversations, with the hopes to raise some awareness on how to and not to speak to women, or even better US. We have a lot of fun and it is becoming an outlet for a lot of fun storytelling and even more laughs.

My MAIN podcast “The Lisa Ann Experience” you can listen to wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and Fridays at 2 pm et I do a LIVE premiere of the video component of the podcast where we are all in the chat sharing live commentary of the episode. I love the live premiere action, so super fun.

The Lisa Ann Experience is my creative outlet with friends, writers, celebrities, and friends. It is my space to lean into my love for interviewing, or as my friends call it “follow-up questions!” I have always been the queen of follow-up questions to all of my friends. Something we have laughed at for years, so this is the perfect fit for me.

My sports fans can join me Sunday’s at 11 am et as I host a YouTube live breaking down all the games, talking fantasy football & the lines at Bovada.


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