A Day to play…

A Day To Play ..

Everyone needs a day to play. Now that so many of us are working from home, work can easily become a seven-day-a-week habit, and the only way for me, not to fall into a work too much rut is to schedule a day to play. 

My play days also play dates and they involve making sure I schedule time with friends, in person, facetime, phone, my play day revolves around my people and now that we are fully in on the football season, I have a strict schedule, so Saturday’s are MY day. 

This past Saturday was spectacular. It started with breakfast with Lexi Belle before she caught her flight after her gig at Sapphire. I always loved seeing Lexi at Exxxotica’s and other events and as soon as I saw her promoting her gig, I reached out. 

I got to her hotel a couple of minutes early, so I could just sit and think about how many incredible friendships have come out of my time in the industry and how fortunate I am to have so many people in my life. Close friends, to fringe friends all make a difference in defining who I am and how I want to live. 

As Lexi got out of the elevator and walked towards me, I got up and we had the most beautiful hug. This is post-pandemic life, everything feels elevated including my level of gratitude for my friends. 

We walked next door to a cute little cafe and placed our order for 2 bloody marys and avocado toast. As soon as we sat at our table, the endless conversation began. It was the perfect way to start my play day and after breakfast, we parted with another big hug. 

On my walk back, I found myself reflecting on how many wonderful women I met in the industry and how much stronger the bond is now, that I am on the outside looking in. Friendships are never easy in a work environment, but friendships that carry over into our next walk of life are powerful. 

Next stop, I was meeting my new friend Laura Desiree who Romi Rain introduced me to a couple of months ago. We love to walk in Central Park together so that was the plan. We walked the park, found a spot to have a little bite to eat, and enjoy the beautiful day. 

While we were at Central Park, we stumbled on the largest chess tournament we have ever seen. 

The next stop on my play day, nap central. “Nap Central” is what I call my favorite chair. I often tell my friends Nap Central is taped off because I know if I sit on it I will nap. This chair made the trip from California with me, after all of my friends told me I had to take it with me. I am so glad I did. 

After my one-hour nap, I had my weekly facetime with my long-time best friend. These facetime calls are usually Sunday’s but during football season, Saturday is the day. These calls run anywhere from 3-4 hours each week. We cover everything from our lives to the news, nothing is off the table and each time I get off one of our calls, I feel relaxed, refreshed, and loved. 

If you ask me, I had the perfect day to play on Saturday!