I thrive with a good routine and after a short vacation out of that routine, though I enjoyed my little break very much, as I got back to my routine last night I felt right back to that comfort of being centered. 

Sunday night routine is a big part of my weekly momentum as I write not only my list for the following day but my main goals for the week as well as my personal goals.

This is when I establish the balance I look to achieve weekly.

My personal goals are just as important and I have found that when we get busy it is easy to forget to return a call to a friend in time to make plans and time passes by.  The breaks I take with friends fuel me with inspiration to handle my responsibilities and enjoy my work.

Once I have created my lists, reviewed my schedule, and made detailed notes, Sunday nights I like to do a little extra organizing at my place for a Monday morning fresh start. I go through my fridge to do a little food prep for the week, while I start a grocery list and a timeline that I will need to place my order. I make sure my place is spotless giving me a clean slate to start the week and I block out the times in the week, other than my morning routine, that will be set aside to connect with my people.

When I look back to a time where I traveled constantly and found it harder to have a structured routine I find that extra pop of joy for the life I have created and the routines in that life that bring me the perfect balance.