Social Media 
After taking a 4-day social media break, while spending less than 90 minutes online in the four days, I will admit I got soft. I will toughen up as I always do. In my first 48 hours back I have clarity on the most used choice words toward me on a live or on a timeline. After not reading or hearing these comments for four days, I have to say it sure was jarring – LOL ….

  • Brace yourself for this list. Just as I have to when I get online –
    1. Your a useless old whore 
    2. You look better with a dick in your mouth
    3. You have aids 
    4. you look like your dying of aids
    5. No one cares what you have to say, go back to fucking 
    6. Your parents must be proud 
  • Then there are the questions-
    1. How many stds do you have?
    2. fuck me whore 
    3. Show me you feet (which is mild yet repetitive can be up to 100 times per live) 
    Let’s top it off with when I comment back I am told “what did you expect” or “you deserve it” 

These are the most commonly used, in other words, I’ve read or heard them more than 100 times in the past 48 hours. Shockingly alarming, intense, and confusing .. 

Let me get this straight. The entitled af men who got off watching me for free in some tube site now have some deep-rooted anger towards me? They also have nothing better to do than try to spew their anger into my new life? I would have to say that is a “them” problem and they are just relentlessly projecting on me. 
I feel even worse for the women out there dating and having to meet these guys in real-time! YIKES

This is not new, I’m just fresh off a break and the noise over the past 48 hours seemed louder so I thought I would share a little breakdown of 2 days in the life of the aggressive commentary in the world of Lisa Ann.
I am not soft – I have been through, done, and seen more in my life than any of them ever will & I will continue to be a trailblazer proving to the world that we are more than who we once were.