Travel Day…

I traveled for most of my life, it started when I was a young girl. When I was little I traveled with my Grandparents in their motor home. They had a traveling greeting card business. My Grandfather was not only a card designer, a sales person, but they designed their motor home to be a distribution center as well. My Grandmother was the navigator; she handled all of the business logistics & mapped out the trip. She had an incredible sense of direction, one of the things I would like to say I got from her.

Over the summer and whenever we were off from school, my grandfather would pack up our bikes, my Barbies & everything we would need to live campground to campground. I loved it. I also believe it was these trips that inspired my constant curiosity to visit new places & see new things. BTW: I loved riding my bike in different campgrounds. As a kid, my bike represented freedom. At a campground, with little to no traffic, I was a little terror on my bike.

My Grandparents taught me the importance of planning & origination & I would watch them both prepare to be gone from home for weeks, sometimes months. As they would each take their lists & start working on everything, I would run back & forth to try to follow both of them. My Grandmother made sure the house was clean, all the mail was sorted, and emergency numbers were updated & packed. She would draw out our map from the maps she used to book the trips, stop by stop. She would also talk to the neighbors, passing them off a list of their stops & where they could be reached in case of emergency. Remember this was before cell phones, so information was key. My Grandfather would be handling all of the supplies, packing up the greeting card orders out of the inventory in his office/basement & making sure we had flashlights, batteries & all of the important “in case of” things. He also always packed jiffy pop. Does anyone remember how fun it was to make that popcorn over a real campfire? So cool as a kid!

Flash forward to now. I am traveling tomorrow. Though this is just a quick trip, less than 19 hours lol, I find myself doing the same things. I always have, before every trip. All of my laundry is done, I did it last night while watching hoops. I will have everything tidy & ready & I will spend today working to tie up any details of business I didn’t complete yet this week. It is funny, I look at taking a trip as the perfect time to get it all done. Everything. It is like an awesome reset & I do it without even thinking, since I was a young girl, this habit was created for me. IT is a good habit. I feel more at ease when I leave & more excited to come home & relax.

I haven’t traveled for a little bit, so a trip to the airport tomorrow has me excited. I am packing my new stand (Thank you Walter) So my adventure will be your adventure too. Get ready for many silly travel updates starting tomorrow!


Time to get out & play dress up tomorrow Night at LIGHT!! If you are in Vegas, please come by & say hello.