Vegas Firsts…

Last weekend, I welcomed in another set of firsts! Friday I was traveling to Vegas to have a fun night out with friends while I hosted a party at Light Night Club in the Mandalay Bay. It was a quick trip, but it was the perfect time to see how well I could pass some tests put in place by me.

The first 1st I will talk about is alcohol. Everyone drinks in Vegas, that’s why we go right? It usually starts at the airport. I have no idea why, but Vegas & alcohol was always a trigger & I would go on autopilot & start at the airport with a glass of wine. This trip, knowing how quick the trip was, what I needed to do when I got back made me decide this would be a trip where I challenged myself to see if I could make it without drinking. To ensure this would take place, I booked my return flight for 8am. Nothing is worse than still being drunk or even worse, being incredibly hung over at the airport in the morning. I know, I did it many times. I also have an awful memory of being so hung over I was sick in the bathroom at the airport, which is totally gross. That was years ago & between then and now I have established an respectable level of self-control. lol..


Well I did it. Yes there was a Champaign toast at the club, & I took one sip for photos, but after that sip, nothing. I enjoyed some sugar free Red Bull for my night out! No drink at the airport, at dinner or at the club. It felt great, it was a test & I passed. I had a great time & felt good in the morning as I sat for breakfast & did some reading at the airport.


The funniest part of this, is all my girls that were with me at Light, Richelle Ryan, Aubrey Black, Sara Jay & Nina Kay were all on the same page. We all talked about how much better we feel when we don’t drink, especially at work events. We all agreed we have more energy & also none of us are willing to surrender to those extra calories!


So anther 1st in the books. My first trip to Vegas alcohol free.

On to my next 1st. This was also my first trip to Vegas living that “Plant Based Protein” life. (NO animal products), That heavy steak I would normally want to eat with some red wine was totally out! We ate at Kumi & the Chef went beyond my wildest dreams with preparing me vegetarian options that were incredible. When we sat down & the table ordered cocktails, I ordered some hot green tea, so I would have something to sip on while everyone enjoyed their drinks. After that I was pleasantly surprised by an amazing eggplant dish, a spinach sushi roll with mushroom layered on top, giving the look of a sushi roll wrapped in fish. Endless small plates kept coming out to me & I can tell you this, that is where I will go back to eat my next trip to Vegas! Everything was so good, I felt like I was missing nothing. Even better I stuck to the nutrient dense concept of making sure everything I eat has a healthy value. I was totally fulfilled & ready to go to the club. Having dinner with Richelle, was awesome. It’s always too hard to talk in a loud club, so we got to get in anything I didn’t already know, we text a lot! 🙂 I adore her.


It felt great to stay in my mindset. Living to my best potential & treating my body to goodness while avoiding falling into my previous Vegas habits!

This last photo is funny, I love to people watch & the dance floor was full, the photographer caught me looking over at the dance floor having my own moment!Light127E