This week of rain has been total magic for me. As the rain drops land, so are the words on my paper! Drop by drop, word by word. Mother Nature has me next level inspired and is working my writing magic. I am reaching that place where it is becoming hard to pull away from my writing and do other things. I am in such a groove, having such good time writing, I can barely stop. I am so glad that I set this time aside to focus on my writing!

Update: I have two complete chapters. That doesn’t seem like much, but I will give you a bit more details with that. So the body of the book is pretty much written. My next steps are to carefully organize and edit. Chapter by chapter. With these steps I can create a flow and hopefully spark some magic.

So the two chapters I mentioned as complete. They have both been ready over 100 times. The have been tinkered with, rearranged and edited. They were also the most emotional chapters and due to the absolute tear factor, I had to get them out of the way first. Yes, my own writing made me cry. 100 times each chapter. I write incredible entries when I was really going through some tough things. I put my feelings on paper and they are so fresh from the experience that it is impossible not to be emotionally moved by them. As sad as it is, I am so proud that I wrote it all out. At that time, it was cathartic. It helped me process what I was going through. Now, it is a great reminder of the experiences that have really shaped me later in my life.

My first book was really just like a play by play. It was similar to many interviews I had done, sharing experiences along the way of my journey. I realize this next book is a lot more about me. Inside out, instead of outside in. It has a lot more feels, filled with emotion. Just like the current emotions of Mother Nature.