Sliding into the DM’s like… yeah, that’s a thing but in my case, there is no sliding. It is a pure “brace yourself” situation. With that said, many of you may already know this, but I gave up responding to DM’s as one of my New Years Resolutions.

Let me explain and hopefully potentially justify my reasoning. My daily routines involve checking multiple email accounts, my online stores, onlyfans,  my site, my social media and so on. The first pass of all of my check in’s takes about two hours a day. I was starting to get into the four hour a day range when I made a short list of priorities and like Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I did not have time for the stop and chat. That is kinda what DM’s became. That and way too many, way to personal personal videos and photos. I will leave it at that. lol

I do still go through my DM’s to be sure there isn’t someone I know, maybe they got a new phone number, a sports show that may want to have me as a guest or a club that is interested in having me do an appearance. So you see, the DM’s do have some serious value and yesterday was all about that.

I was delighted when I got a DM last week that led me to an on camera interview that I did yesterday, that you will get to see in a couple of weeks. I was thrilled that I didn’t decided to ignore my Dm’s all together as I can see this compromise was well worth it already. One of the most ironic part of the interview was the fact that the topic “My DM’s” came up and it led to some very interesting conversation.

So.. hey, I have to be reminded not to be so jaded about my DM’s, not to be so fearful, but I also will only respond to the important ones. Think about this. When I was spending time in the DM’s, I did not have the time to blog. #BOOM