West Coast Collectors Expo

Yesterday’s adventure at The West Coast Collectors Expo in Pomona, CA was a two fold operation. The first Fold was all about this little video.

Second fold, an opportunity for me to meet some fans, while being a fan and collecting some cool autographs for myself.

Here I am getting Pedro Guerrero’s Autograph.


I also got a chance to have a little chat with Melvin Gordon while I watched him sign the numbers that would soon be sewn on to jerseys for fans to collect for years to come. I was a little surprised how tall he seemed, but my perspective in sneakers is also a bit of a game changer. The reality that maybe everyone isn’t quite as tall as I am short! LOL

Lisa Ann Sports Tradeshow-4

My friend Sean From AIASE in Sand Diego was able to get all of the jerseys I brought from my collection re authenticated which is really cool to protect the value for the next owner! The collection will be sold through AIASE & the money will be divided as explained in my video. 2 parts charity, I part learning fund for me to take some more classes & grow.  I love what I learn from all the different avenues I walk in life.

BTW: Raiders Nation SHOWED up yesterday!!!!


Making my move with some of my jerseys,  was one of my goals to accomplish before I headed out on the road. This one goal led to many steps, making me even more sure I was ready to do it. I rented a truck to transport the jerseys & last minute I had no one to help me, so I carried those jerseys down three flights of stairs & into the truck. All the while saying wow, you are really leaning in for some change girl. I have a lot of silly dialogue while I am handling tasks. I will be posting a full video on my YouTube this week & you will love it!

Everything I do is just my way to continue to stay curious with you! I will be recapping my two amazing sports days on my show Monday Night on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio! #LisaAnnDoesFantasy 10pm-12am ET Sirius 210 XM 87