In the daily trials and tribulation in life, we all assume a bit of chaos. My chaos tho, I promise you, runs way deeper. Let me give you an example. The example I give will start with the two little letters that when combined can be, to me, the two most shrilling letters in the alphabet.

Those two letters, you may have guessed are DM – Yup the frightful and always chaotic DM box. Direct messages are the bane of my existence.

So on occasion, to be responsible, I brace myself & scroll through. I make sure I am in a good mental space, because I instantly get irate by those who want to make useless small chat in the DM (again I have so much time in one day, chatting with a couple hundred thousand people individually wont work) Then I get the dick picks, the masturbation and let’s not forget those who are in the DM just to insult me, my family and remind me that I should just kill myself.

Yes, at least 1 x a day on Instagram, twitter or Facebook, I am reminded that I should kill myself. Those messages require steps, I need to go in, find their profile, report their comment, then block them and so on. Its tedious and time consuming with no real level of productivity attached and nothing that creates any success for me. I digress.

The other night I responded to someone asking how they can get their book signed. I let them know that they can mail it with a SASE to my PO Box and I gave the address. Pretty nice of me, since I sell them signed at my store. The next day I go to check if the DM was read & understood. Well YES it was read, but it was NOT understood.

This person responded to me with their decision that they would rather drop it off at my PO Box in person. Again not the option I presented, making me feel like the entire exchange was a waste of my time. Also, as you can imagine, my PO Box is NOT a personal drop off, they actually do not allow any packages that have not come from shipping – USPS, UPS, FedEx you get my drift.

Now. I am highly irritated, somewhat furious. I feel each time I go out of my way to accommodate someone else, they deny my suggestion & create what works best for them. It’s frustrating and it’s also pretty stalker scary. I had to take 30 more minutes of my day to troll this person and see who I may know that knows them to see if they can assist me with this matter. I scored and I found a mutual contact and reached out to share my side of the story.

At the end of the day, being nice derailed two hours of my time and that meant no blog yesterday, not only fans etc. I was behind all day. Now, this person responds back to me so offended he doesn’t even want my book anymore. As a matter of fact, he also blocked me from social media after sending me a pissy message and telling ME to never contact him again. LMAO

I woke to this and died laughing. I have, for the past week, been discussing with friends that this generation of men, boys, whatever, act more like little bitchy girls that anything I have yet to see in my life. They ALL show it to me! They all come to me with their ME< ME< ME … I do what I can & just laugh off the rest!

Well, there goes it. #MyLife. The chaos that ensues.