It is time for me to make a little pivot with all of your help and put  my focus into those two words Give Back…

I am so thankful for all of the incredible, kind and sweet gifts many have sent me over the years. So many of those things brought me joy, but in my pursuit of a more minimalistic life that includes the simplicity of kindness and charity, I have decided to close my wish list permanently and ask instead of sending gifts, a donation in my name to any charity would bring me more joy, while also bringing joy to others.

I have selected my top three Charities to share with you for those moments of generosity. I have linked them directly so you can easily click on the charity you are interested in and it will take you where you need to go. May I  suggest you read about all three of them as they are all special to me and find which one has the most impact for you!

Alzheimer’s Research 


Blessings In A Backpack  


It is time for me to channel joy to others and through all of you I know we share our good karma with others who need things more than I do.

Thank you all again, so many of you have sent me things in the past, but no more gifts & no more wish list. It is all about others moving forward for me! Let’s do this together!

                                            XO Lisa Ann